CameraBag Foto-Tuner für nur $10



kostet regulär 20 Dollar, kriegen Sie derzeit aber als Summersale zum halben Preis, also für nur 10 Dollar. Drum husch husch ins PC-Körbchen damit!

Welcome to CameraBag, a modern, award-winning photo app with a fresh approach to editing your pictures. CameraBag’s innovative tile-based workflow lets you instantly see exactly what adjustments you’ve applied at any point, so you can easily tweak, re-order, layer, and nest them as needed. This workflow also lets you do things that are simply impossible in other photo editors, like layering multiple tone curves rather than trying to squeeze all levels adjustments into one complicated curve. Start with CameraBag’s large set of included filter presets, then go deeper by creating and sharing your own. You can even use any filter you make with CameraBag in our newest iPhone photo app, Fotograf.

Wenn Sie noch mehr Foto-Power brauchen, dann sind Sie mit Zoner Photo Studio 17 Pro bestens bedient. Und wenn Sie beim Bearbeiten Ihrer Fotos gerne gute Musik hören, Bluesdiary hat den Soundtrack dazu.

Clem Snide – The Ballad Of Unzer Charlie

Best Blues @ Bluesdiary

When you’re in trouble, the Blues is the man’s best friend.
Otis Spann


The Blues is the roots and the rest are the fruits.
Willie Dixon


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